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Sikander Jafar

He’s the lead Writer, Blog Editor, Content Researcher & the main fellow behind PlusPackages.com. Initially started as a small blog project, he has turned it into a major website.

With 5+ Years of experience in Web Publishing, he is currently managing several other Websites.

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Afaq Shahid

Social Media Manager & SEO Associate for pluspackages.com, controlling posts and updates on popular social Platforms.

Afaq was the first to join Pluspackages.com.

Washi Khan

She is the source behind several popular blog posts on the website. Writing on telecom packages & tech, Washi Khan, has been adding flavor with her excellent writing skills.

Talha Ghafoor

A tech enthusiast and a freelancer with a broad range of writing styles. He invests time carefully considering every single word and crafting well-researched content with a unique voice and flow. Aside from this, He is an Anime lover, soccer player, and tech reviewer.


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