Daewoo Tracking

Since 1998, Daewoo’s popularity as the seamless mover of cargo has been rising. In 2007, Daewoo FastEX becomes a rebrand of Daewoo Cargo. With Daewoo Fast operational model, items are dispatched to destinations the very moment they are received at Daewoo terminals. Moreover, deliveries can be conveniently tracked by Daewoo tracking.

Daewoo FastEX has also affiliated with DHL Pakistan for delivering international cargo through dedicated DHL counters at Daewoo Terminals and pickup points.

How to Track Daewoo Consignment? – Daewoo FastEX Tracking

You can track your consignments easily by Daewoo tracking by following these steps:

First click on the following button to redirect, then click on the above tab of CONSIGNMENT TRACKING on the Daewoo homepage. Next, you have to put either your consignment number, barcode number, or manual number in the box. Finally, click the Track tab.

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Daewoo Services

  • SMART CARGO: Swiftly providing the most trustworthy Terminal Terminal Cargo service in Pakistan. Daewoo has made their services easily accessible for customers all over Pakistan by making 200+ delivery centers. Further, they deliver heavy shipments at the lowest rates in town.
  • DAEWOO COURIER: Daewoo Fastex would proudly deliver to your doorsteps. Fastex HD offers speedy and secure delivery to its valued customers.
  • COD SERVICES: Also, it comes with updated Daewoo shipment tracking & API integration to streamline the processes. Further, offers an easy recovery solution and most importantly, a customer online portal to keep them well-informed of their payment schedules & shipment record. In addition, they also provide COD to walk-in as well as corporate customers with the services of “Terminal to Terminal” and Doorstep Pickup/Delivery.
  • GLOBEX: Daewoo Globex as your international agent will transfer your valuables, abroad. Moreover, it offers trustworthy, tracked, secured, affordable, and day-definite delivery services.
  • GREETINGS: Daewoo Greetings offers personalized gifts, including floral bouquets, ethnic sweets, cakes, and lots more, beautifully packed, and dispatched with a customized greeting card. In fact, Daewoo customers can personalize their token of happiness regarding the occasion.

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