Habib Bank Internet Banking

Habib Bank customers can comfortably bank from anywhere, anytime with Habib Bank Internet Banking.

Moreover, you can conduct numerous financial and non-financial transactions, without visiting any of their branches.

How to Get Register for Habib Bank Internet Banking?

In short, please visit www.hblibank.com.pk to register for HBL Internet Banking, using your activated HBL Debit Card or HBL Credit Card.

Moreover, all charges applicable to Habib Bank customers are entitled to the recent Schedule of Bank Charges (SOBC) for reference. In addition, it is also available on the HBL website for HBL customers’ convenience.

Click on the following button to redirect to HBL Online Banking Form:

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Habib Bank Internet Banking Features

In short, it provides you a 24hr/day access to your bank account, globally. Moreover, you can access both Habib Bank Internet Banking and HBL Mobile with the same login ID and password.

Account Information & Funds Transfer

With HBL Internet Banking, you have easy access to your account statement and transaction details. In addition, you can manage your transaction limits.

Further, you can transfer your funds to your own account, any HBL account, and any other bank’s account, without any hassle.


  • Firstly, you can conveniently pay your credit card bills, utility bills, broadband bills, mobile top-ups & post-paid bills. In addition, payments can be made easily against pre-paid telco cards, e-Vouchers, excise/taxation, e-IPO, zakat/donations, education fee, and online shopping.
  • Moreover, you can manage and schedule your recurring payments. Further, you can make multiple bill payments in a single transaction.


  • In addition, with Habib Bank Internet Banking, you can conveniently access and manage the following:
  • HBL Card Management
  • Advance Tax Certificate for Credit Card
  • Reward point & Installment Plan
  • CNIC Expiry Update & Contact details update
  • Request for cheque book & banker’s cheque
  • Apply for travel & accidental insurance
  • ATM & branch locator
  • Investment in HBL mutual funds and term deposit
  • Withholding tax certificate generation
  • Link and de-link your accounts
  • Apply NOC for HBL Personal Loan
  • Save and share transaction receipts
  • HBL Card deal and discounts
  • SMS alerts for log-in and financial transactions
  • SMS alerts and e-Statement activation services

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