How to play PubG via VPN in Pakistan?

The PTA(Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) has recently banned popular mobile game PUBG in the country. This had fueled debate regarding the decision. It is not surprising to know that most of the vocals are against this act. For better understanding, it must be understood that Pakistan has more than 50% population comprising of youth(20-35 age). The games and social network changes we see nowadays are inventions of this generation. People sitting in PTA may not even know What e-sports is.

All this certainly makes the decision quite stupid to digest and hopefully, the decision will be reversed soon, if there are any sane voices remaining in the PTI government.

For mean time, you can still play PUBG through VPN in Pakistan.

Androind and iOS users can search “VPN” applications on their respective stores.

If you are confused, then just download the NORDVPN from the link below. I recommend it to for playing PUBG.

Android link

iOS Link

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