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Find the best Mobily internet packages according to your requirement. These are mobily prepaid and postpaid bundles for Saudi Arabia.


There is a total of seven prepaid bundles offering 1 GB of internet data to unlimited internet. Users also will get calling minutes and data for social media usage.

Prepaid 301 GB Data, 100 Minutes & 1 GB Social Media30 SAR*
Prepaid 7510 GB Data, 500 Minutes & 10 GB Social Media75 SAR*
Prepaid 11010 GB Data, 1500 Minutes & 15 GB Social Media110 SAR*
Prepaid 15020 GB Data, 2250 Minutes & Unlimited Social Media150 SAR*
Prepaid 18040 GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Social Media180 SAR*
Prepaid 220100 GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Social Media220 SAR*
Prepaid 360Unlimited Data, Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Social Media360 SAR*


All the Postpaid mobily packages comes with month expiry providing high speed internet along with SMS and calling minutes.

PostPaid 503GB Data, 50 SMS & 300 Minutes57.5 SAR*
PostPaid eSim50eSIM50 with Sharing benefits57.5 SAR*
PostPaid 10020GB Data, 100 SMS & 1500 Minutes115 SAR*
PostPaid 20097GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited 230 SAR*
PostPaid 300150 GB Data, Unlimited Minutes & Unlimited Social Media345 SAR*
PostPaid 400Unlimited Data, Unlimited Minutes460 SAR*

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