All the amazing Jazz Packages for the 3g/4g Internet, Phone calls, SMS, Super Card offers and much more.

“Mobilink is the market leader with 37.71% market share”


Daily, weekly, monthly SMS packages are offered. The best deal is with the bundle offers along with Internet and call.

JAZZ Internet

They do not cover a lot of Pakistan but they are among the best where they have the jazz internet coverage.


The company offers good quality call service. The corporate word in Pakistan loves its postpaid packages.

Jazz Tax Certificate

Jazz is now allowing its customers to get the yearly tax certificate for 2019-2020 period. Jazz is a sub-brand of Mobilink, one of the biggest telecom companies in Pakistan. According to recent surveys, the company holds the highest number of corporate customers. How to Get a Jazz Tax Certificate? Following are the methods for acquiring …

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Jazz Call Packages

Jazz call packages come with daily, weekly & monthly bundles with 24 hours, 7 days & 30 days expiry respectively. These Jazz phone calling offers can be used on Warid-activated mobile phones. Hence, they come in the category of Warid call packages. The following table shows the hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly Jazz call packages …

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Jazz Internet Packages

Find the best Jazz Internet Packages on this page. Altogether, there are monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly Jazz internet packages in total which are updated every month of the Year 2022. Warid Customers can also use the Jazz internet packages codes for activating 4G internet on their mobile sims, as Mobilink and Warid merged their …

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Jazz Super Card

The Jazz Super card details are available here. The Jazz Super Card 600 and Jazz Super Card 1000 are called Jazz Super Duper and Super Duper Plus respectively. The validity for both cards is one month. The free minutes, SMS, and internet MBs are provided by loading any of the two super Cards. Jazz Super Card …

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