PTCL Duplicate Bill

Have you lost your PTCL bill? Or have you not received your bill. Do not worry about both situations. You can retrieve your bill through the PTCL duplicate bill facility. PTCL E-bill system allows you to get a print of the online.

How can you get a PTCL duplicate bill?

Downloading a PTCL duplicate bill is an easy process. You only need to surf the official website and give some important information like account ID and landline number to get a printable copy of your misplaced bill. There is no need to provide an area code. You can get the bill without an area code.

PTCL duplicate bill or the dbill facility has several benefits for its valuable customers. For instance, this facility helps you to stay connected with PTCL otherwise, your connection may be disconnected. Besides, it allows you to pay the bill on time. It saves you from paying late bill charges.

PTCL is a leading telecommunication company that provides services to value its customers. There is no doubt that the facility facilitates its customers to keep in touch with PTCL. The company wants to keep its customers at ease; therefore, it offers a duplicate bill facility.

So what are you waiting for? Download and print your copy of the PTCL bill and pay your bill as early as possible. Visit the official website by clicking on the button on top and enter your PTCL account ID and phone number.

If you have still problem regarding your PTCL bill then call at 1218 to get further help. PTCL is always ready to help you.

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