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Here you will find information about the duplicate bill payment service that lets you pay PTCL Bill Online. Customers can pay internet, telephone, Evo device, and smart tv monthly bill online. Further, you can also find the link to the PTCL speed test service that provides info regarding your internet speed.

You are here for the PTCL services. Are you are a PTCL customer? or are researching their product to order their services or to compare with other companies. Whatever may be the reason that makes you visit this page, you are definitely in the right place. PTCL is Pakistan’s biggest telecommunication company in terms of landline services. It was initially a totally stated-owned company but was later privatized. When the Abu Dhabi group took over, the new members introduced the revolutionary broadband for Pakistan. I’m calling it revolutionary because it was the first high-speed internet. The first package was of 256 kbps. Every year they upgraded, now the starter package is 6 Mbps. This is huge progress in terms of fast internet. It has let online business opportunities across Pakistan.

The services

Let’s talk about the services that PTCL offers;


The PTCL bill is an online billing service from Pakistan. It let customers get the duplicate copy of PTCL in PDF format.


PTCL Speed Test

Check the PTCL internet Speed via the PTCL Speed Test web application. It checks both the download and upload speed.


PTCL has introduced the IPTV services called the PTCL Smart TV. Here is the link in case you want to download the smart tv app for PC or Android.

PTCL Smart TV Download


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