PUBG Corporation will try to Unban PubG in India

pubg ban india

PUBG was among the 117 Chines Apps that were banned in India by the Government. The App solely got the limelight due to its massive popularity in India. The Government accused the Chinese Apps over the mishandling of user data.

In this scenerio, PUBG corperation has decided to be the game publisher in India leaving Tencent aside.

PUBG Corporation is South Korea based Studio that developed PUBG and was later acquired by China’s tencent.

Now, PUBG Corporation is taking back the franchising rights of PUBG Mobile and plans to serve as the publisher in India. This will put ball in the Indian Government court to decide wether to approve or not.

It must be clear that App is not available on Playstore and App Store but can be played on already installed devices.

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