Mobily Internet Offers

mobily internet offers

Mobily Internet Offers consist of 4G PrePaid, PostPaid, Fiber, data bundles, and 5G internet packages. Mobily is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Saudi Arabia.

These are the best PrePaid mobile internet plan for Mobily Saudi Arabia.

Data Bundles

Mobily Data bundles allow you to enjoy the high-speed Internet on your smartphone, router, and mini WiFi devices, anytime and anywhere, with various options according to your needs.

Data VolumeDurationPrice**Subscribe/RenewStop Auto-renewal
150MB2 weeksSR 575000750
500MB1 MonthSR 2060906092
1GB1 MonthSR 3061006102
2GB 1 MonthSR 5072007202
5GB 1 MonthSR 7573007302
10GB 1 MonthSR 9570507052
10GB 3 MonthsSR 16560706072
20GB 1 MonthSR 13563006302
20GB  3 MonthsSR 22082008202
50GB2 MonthsSR 21070907092
50GB 3 MonthsSR 26080708072
100GB 1 MonthSR 16070807082
100GB 3 MonthSR 32080808082
300GB 3 MonthSR 450300N/A
600GB6 MonthsSR 900606N/A

How to activate Mobily data offers?

Mobily data offers can be activated by sending the Subscription command mentioned in the table above in an SMS to 1100. Bundles can also be activated through Mobily outlets or by calling Mobily Customer Care Center 1100.

PostPaid Internet Offer

The PostPaid Packages from Mobily has two monthly offers. The Mobily PostPaid internet can be availed by activating PostPaid Mobily Sim through any of the company’s outlets.

Data BundleValidity Setup FeeMonthly Fee
**Unlimited1 MonthSR 50*SR 325*
100GB1 MonthSR 50*SR 160*

PrePaid Internet Offer

There are five different Mobily Prepaid Internet packages. Enjoy Data up to 100 GB maximum for SR 335 for a period of 3 months. The lowest PrePaid offer has 10GB of bandwidth limit. These are the best PrePaid mobile internet plan for Mobily Saudi Arabia.

Data PackageValidity PriceRe-Subscribe(Send Command to 1100)
10GB 3 MonthsSR 1756070
20GB3 MonthsSR 2308200
50GB2 MonthsSR 2207090
100GB 3 MonthsSR 3358080
300GB3 MonthsSR 450300

Mobily Fiber Packages

Mobily Fiber is an in house cable system with download speed reaching up to 500 Mbps.

Note: Mobily Fiber router and in-house installation are free for a limited period.

Extra Information:

  • FREE Device (The Internet Router) for new customers subscribed to this promotion.
  • FREE Service installation and activation.
  • Choose Internet Speed with fiber technology 50, 80, 125, 200 or 500 Mbps for new subscribers, or while upgrading from 50, 80, 125, or 200, 500 Mbps for current subscribers

Mobily Fiber Postpaid

PriceDownload SpeedUpload Speed
210 SAR / MonthUp to 50 MbpsUp to 5 Mbps
262.5 SAR / MonthUp to 80 Mbps Up to 10 Mbps
315 SAR / MonthUp to 125 MbpsUp to 20 Mbps
367.5 SAR / MonthUp to 200 MbpsUp to 40 Mbps
840 SAR/MonthUp to 500 MbpsUp to 90 Mbps

Mobily Fiber Prepaid (New Activation Prices)

SpeedPrice 6 Months + 1 Month FreePrice 12 Months + 2 Months Free
Up to 50 MbpsSAR 1,260SAR 2,520
Up to 80 Mbps SAR 1,575SAR 3,150
Up to 125 MbpsSAR 1,890SAR 3,780
Up to 200 MbpsSAR 2,205SAR 4,410
Up to 500 MbpsSAR 5,040SAR 10,080

Mobily Fiber Prepaid (Service Renewal)

SpeedPrice 1 MonthPrice/3 MonthsPrice 6Months + 2 Months freePrice 12Months +3 Months free
Up to 50 Mbps210 SAR 630  SAR1,260 SAR2,520 SAR 
Up to 80 Mbps262.5 SAR 787.5 SAR1,575 SAR3,150 SAR 
Up to 125 Mbps315 SAR 945 SAR1,890 SAR3,780 SAR 
Up to 200 Mbps367.5 SAR 1,102.5 SAR2,205 SAR4,410 SAR 
Up to 500 Mbps840 SAR2,520 SAR5,040 SAR10,080 SAR

How to Order Mobily Fiber?

Step 1: Create your appointment

  • Flexibility to choose time to be contacted by the installation team
  • Within 24 hours, our installation team will call you to book an appointment

Step 2: Before your appointment

  • One power outlet is needed to power the server equipment
  • Any furniture blocking the power outlet should be removed before the arrival of our team, as our team is not allowed to move any furniture 
  • The installation process could take up to 3 hours and needs to be done in the presence of someone 18 years of age or older.

Step 3: Installation day

  • You will receive a call from Mobily with the estimated time of arrival
  • Prior to installation, our team will review and confirm order selections
  • Our team will install your router and other services in a location that is specified for all your Mobily services

5G Internet Packages

This is World’s first massive commercial 5G router. It allows connection up to 64 users. The device has Wi-fi 11ax feature with 4Gbps with 360-degree coverage. The 5G router is made by Huawei.

5G PlanData volumeValidity Set up feesMonthly Fees Service Commitment
5G Air FiberUnlimited*One month50 SAR350 SAR24 bill cycles

Customers can by 5G router by visiting Mobily’s outlets and subscribe either by cash or installment for 24 months.

* No Fair Usage Policy

In must be noted that Mobily Internet Offers are taken from the company’s official websites. The Mobily Internet offers are updated regularly. For any serious complaint, the official company platform should be used.

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