Top 10 Best Cell Phone Brands in the World

Check out the top 10 best cell phone brands in the world in 2019. Companies like Sony and HTC do not make it into the list. The ranking might surprise you.

“Best Cell Phone Brands in the World”

The Top 10 positions are mostly populated by Chinese companies. Although, heavyweights are not willing to lose their top spots in the near future.


Samsung has been on top for several years now. The Korean giants have dominated the industry with their amazing Galaxy and Note series. In the past few years, they have added budget phones to their line-up. These mid-range cell phones are also performing well in the market.

Apple had always been challenged by the products of Samsung. It is the highly advanced technology of Samsung that made them the king of Smartphones. They are the best when it comes to touch screens. They produce 90 percent of the AMOLED screens used in smartphones. Even Apple’s new iPhone OLED screen is made by Samsung.

Their investment in research and production of new concepts will keep Samsung in a safe position in the future. In the case of Samsung’s Folding Amoled Screen smartphones created a lot of hype. It is also considered the next big thing.

Huawei Technologies

Before the Mobile business adventure, Huawei Technologies was a popular name and it still is in-network products and solutions. They initially focused on high-end budget smartphones. In recent years Huawei’s flagships have also gained popularity. Many received 5 stars from popular Tech Reviewers.

As of 2017, the company invested US$13.8 billion in Research and Development. This is what separates Huawei from other Chinese smartphone manufacturers. The company is interested in introducing various innovative technologies with time. These innovations were later adopted by other companies. Like the wireless charging sharing feature which first came with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

The recent Trump-Huawei ban caused some damage but Huawei survived the decision confidently. They have kept a good relationship with Google in the past and are willing to continue in the same spirit.

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It is always been Android vs iOS or as we can say Apple vs the rest of the SmartPhones.Apple products showcase quality and trends. People love using the iPhone.

And to be honest, iPhones offer the best overall experience. They are fast, reliable, secure, and offer regular updates. IOS is simple and glitch-free.In the benchmark tests, Apple’s iPhones have always beaten Android’s top-notch devices. Only this year Samsung S10 series has produced a performance as par with Apple phones.

Last year Apple lost its spot to Huawei as the second-biggest smartphone manufacturer. The reason is the low sales in India and China. This is a warning sign for Apple. They should re-generate strategies to capture the biggest markets in the world.


The company has achieved a lot in recent times. They have captured a good market share in markets like China, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Oppo does not shy about coming up with innovative features. In June 2016, Oppo became the biggest smartphone maker in China, selling its phones at more than 200,000 retail outlets. The biggest challenge to them is the Huawei Phone’s better reputation in the market.


Vivo entered the top 10 smartphone makers list in 2015. Since then their market share has increased gradually. Vivo focuses on the mid-range market and they have produced a number of amazing budget phones that created a respectable following.


Xiaomi has a large fan base in China. In 2014, Xiaomi becomes the largest smartphone company in China. The company also enjoys a lead in India.  Its smartphones include Mi Series, Mi Note Series, Mi Max Series, Mi Mix Series, and Redmi Series. Xiaomi operates in a different manner by profiting from its software services and cutting smartphone prices to attract customers. This strategy had really paid for them.


Founded in 2013, OnePlus has become a very popular smartphone manufacturer across the world.OnePlus is considered one of the most respectable and reliable names coming from china. They introduce one device each year which shows their commitment to quality. Their android skin is the best.OnePlus Oxygen OS provides fast stock android experience with regular updates. After Google phones, the OnePlus Phone’s UI experience is the most satisfying.


The South Korean electronics company enjoys a reasonable position in the Mobile market. They have introduced some excellent devices in the past but face challenges by the bombardment of Chinese cell phone brands. LG is credited to be one of the early manufacturers to introduce bezel-less screen design.


The company is known for its computer products, especially laptops. Lenovo Thinkpad is one of the best-selling business laptops in the USA. The company entered the smartphone market in 2012 and quickly became the largest vendor of smartphones in China. Lenovo invests heavily in the R&D program for mobile phones. The target is to be number one in mainland China. Cell phones like Lenovo K8 Note gained a lot of popularity in markets like India and China.


Nokia which once was the King of cell phones is struggling to revive its name in the smartphone business. Nokia’s story is a little similar to Yahoo’s which also failed to understand “What’s Next?”.But Nokia is certainly bouncing back. They did the best decision of dumping Windows phones and adopting Android. The end of last year and 2019 is proving a good time for Nokia. Mobile phones like Nokia 8, Nokia 7, and Nokia 6.1 have grabbed users’ attention and customers are starting to bite on the old king.

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