Trax Tracking

trax tracking

Trax Logistics comes with an end to end logistics & supply chain solutions provider for the E-Commerce industry. Further, Trax offers great services such as 360-DegreEcommerce, COD and Trax Tracking etc.

How to Use Trax Tracking?

To track your order please enter your Trax TRACKING NUMBER in the box above the Trax Homepage. And, press the “Track” button. You can that number on your receipt and in the confirmation email.

Other Services

  • 360-DegreEcommerce: It provides a full e-commerce management suite parallel with the end to end fulfillment and warehousing services. Thus, to control the logistics for the online businesses in the most trustworthy manner.
  • Cash On Delivery: Trax Cash on Delivery service with the most fast payments. Also, offers efficient return management solutions with increased transparency.
  • Overland\Bulk Movements: Moreover, Trax supply chain solutions for bulk packages ensure efficient handling and seamless movement of goods. Further the products ranging from furniture, pharmaceuticals, FMCG or/and farm-fresh produce.
  • Omni-Channel E-Commerce: In addition, Trax makes it convenient to dispatch orders from various retailers and vendors utilizing the store locations and inventories for seamless deliveries at less prices.
  • Walk-In-Booking: Also, Trax welcome walk-in customers to lodge their overnight or bulk consignments, at their branches. Importantly, Trax 2-Pay service offers shipping their dispatches without paying any delivery charges upfront. However, pending charges for can be paid at the time of delivery tracked by Trax tracking.
  • Warehousing: E-tail Warehousing solution offers rescue for your e-commerce business. Thus, offers easy access & control of order fulfilment and stock management.
  • Fulfilment: Moreover, it promises that each of your order request is being properly picked and passed through quality checks.
  • Same Day Delivery: Trax offers same day deliveries for a time specific delivery. However, a consignee should be the of the same city as that of the origin city (recently in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad only).


Moreover, TRAX provides the smartest last-mile delivery services over a wide network of over 320 destinations in Pakistan. Further, with the commitment of the fastest transfer of funds and tracking with Trax tracking.

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