How to Unblock Imported Phones in Pakistan?- PTA Phone Registration

All the Phones that are imported in Pakistan can be unblocked by following the PTA phone registration process. It’s basically a verification system for the device, by registering its IMEI number. The motive behind this is to generate taxes from imported devices, improve the local manufacturing market and reduce theft/fraud.

Imported Phones need to get registered within 60 days from the very first day of using local telecom sim. However, if the user is coming to Pakistan with more than one phone, then PTA allows users to use one device for free. The rest of the phones should be registered.

Steps for PTA Phone registration

Visit the official PTA Registration System. First, you will need to create an account. Question will be asked whether the account is for personal purpose or commercial purposes. An online form is filled up requiring all the personal information like CNIC, Address, Mobile Number, etc.

When you have successfully activated your account, you have to submit the IMEI number of your device. It must be noted that for dual sim phones, both the IMEI should be submitted. The IMEI number can find out in the “About section” of the phone from Settings. In fact, the IMEI numbers are also available on the back of the phone box.

After submitting the IMEI numbers, all the information regarding the device will be displayed. An SMS will be sent to your given phone number providing information regarding the PSID number, COC ID, and the customs duty amount in Pakistani Rupees(PKR).

There is an Imported Phone Tax Calculator available online if want to check before processing the whole registration process.

Important Notes

  • Please enter the passport number/CNIC/NICOP on which you have traveled, otherwise, the System will not recognize the entered passport data.
  • If you are an International Traveler having dual nationality and you traveled on either a Pakistani passport or a Foreigner passport and you are a Pakistani citizen, select user type as “Pakistani (Local/International Travelers/Dual Nationality Holder)”.
  • If you are an International Traveler and you are a foreign national and traveled on a visa, select user type as “Foreigner (Travelled on visa)”.
  • In case you have received a mobile device through a courier from abroad, sign-up account and apply under Courier Category.
  • Pay the applicable Customs duties (if any), received through PSID code by Online banking, ATM OR Bank branches.
  • For complaints/queries regarding tax amounts generated by FBR, please contact the nearest FBR House or Custom Collectorate.

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