WASA Lahore Bill

This page covers the WASA Lahore Bill payment information for the visitors that are using the services of WASA Lahore at homes or workplaces.

How to Pay WASA Lahore Bill?

Check out your WASA Lahore bill online by using the customer number. This will redirect you to the official WASA web page. For any queries contact the official authorities.

About WASA

The Lahore Development Authority(LDA) established WASA Lahore in 1976. Generally, the objective includes planning, designing, developing, and maintaining of water supply sewerage and draining system in Lahore.

WASA Lahore is striving for making Lahore city cleaner and more environments friendly by offering the following services:

  • Providing standard consumer services regarding Water Supply and Sewerage systems.
  • Securing cost-effective measures in the development works and operation & maintenance.
  • Ensuring professional ethics and striving for a corruption-free working environment.
  • Ensuring enough revenue generation, to meet the non-development expenses makes it self-sustainable.
  • Training and motivating their employees.

There are approximately 6200 WASA employees that are working in diverse categories. WASA gets its revenue from vending Water, Sewerage, and Aquifer. Moreover, The Punjab Government is responsible for approving its budget and increasing user charges. The sanction of expenditure and procurement is also carried out under the Government’s financial rules and regulations.

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