WASA Rawalpindi Bill

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How to Check WASA Rawalpindi Bill Online?

Get a copy of the WASA Rawalpindi bill through the online link below. It is stated that the bill should be paid on time to avoid any disconnection.

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Functions of WASA Rawalpindi

  • Distribution and O&M of Water Supply
    • Source: Rawal Lake Filtration Plant, Khanpur Dam, Tomar Service Reservoir, and Tubewells.
    • Distribution Network including Water Works
  • O&M of Sewerage System
  • Billing and Revenue (water charges) collection to gather Financial Self-Sustainability.
  • Regulating Defaulters / Unauthorized Connections etc.
  • Short Term and Long Term Planning for searching for Additional Water Sources & Implementation to meet potential water supply and Sewerage demand.
    • The long term projects such as the Augmentation of the water supply system based on Chahan Dam

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