WASA Rawalpindi Bill

Get a copy of the WASA Rawalpindi bill through online link below. It is stated that the bill should be paid on time to avoid any disconnection.

WASA Rawalpindi was established in 1st April 1998, starting its operation for Rawalpindi division.

Functions of WASA Rawalpindi

  • Distribution and O&M of Water Supply
    • Source: Rawal Lake Filtration Plant, Khanpur Dam, Tomar Service Reservoir, and Tubewells.
    • Distribution Network including Water Works
  • O&M of Sewerage System
  • Billing and Revenue (water charges) collection to gather Financial Self-Sustainability.
  • Regulating Defaulters / Unauthorized Connections etc.
  • Short Term and Long Term Planning for searching Additional Water Sources & Implementation to meet potential water supply and Sewerage demand.
    • The long term projects such as the Augmentation of the water supply system based on Chahan Dam


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