What to look for when buying a Used Cell Phone?

Buying a used mobile phone can become a headache and sometimes you end up buying a faulty product. Well, do not worry anymore because in this article we will guide you step by step on What to look for when buying a used Cell Phone.

If you have bought a used phone from outside Pakistan then we have also provided information regarding how to unblock the phone by PTA registration.

Factors to consider when buying a used cell phone

The decision of buying a used smartphone depends on many factors such as budget, market availability, and many more. So once you have planned that you are going for a reputed used mobile make sure you follow these steps before striking a deal.

Market Evaluation

As we are living in a digital world so we have two kinds of market approaches available. Online market and the conventional offline market so you can purchase your smartphone from either of these markets.

Both markets have their pros and cons. While buying a smartphone from the online market, you should buy from a reputable vendor based on his reviews this will ensure you end up with the same product as shown in the pictures. A better approach is to check the prices from both of these markets and then make a choice.

It will give you a better judgment on whether you should buy this product from this market or not. Moreover, this will give an exposure to how to negotiate and stick to a good deal. This is only possible if you possess knowledge of both markets.

Physical Condition

Well, this is the most crucial step that will persuade you whether you should buy it or not. When you are inspecting a phone always look for it the signs of wear and tear. As it is a used mobile phone it should have some kind of marks, scratches and if it does not then it may indicate that the phone has been refurbished.

Inspect the screws if it has some. The screws are generally located at the bottom next to the charging port. Use a magnifying glass under good sunlight to see whether they have some kind of paint scratched from them.

Every time you use a screwdriver to open a screw it leaves some marks so check for those marks. Then press the screen from all sides and look for any sign of space between the frame and the mobile screen. If the gap exists then it indicates the phone has been opened for repair.

Then look for the IMEI number on the back of the device. Many devices have this unique number engraved with a laser on the back panel of the phone. Note this number.

Look for sign of wear and tear on the side frame. Make sure all the physical buttons are working and have a nice click sound whenever you press them.

Many mobile phones come with a hybrid sim tray. it means it can either support two sim cards or one sim card and one expandable memory card. Make sure you check this thoroughly by placing a combination of two sim cards and one sim card and one memory card.

Many phones come with a just kit. Kit phones are those which only have a mobile phone and a charger. Avoid purchasing such phones as they have a higher probability of being refurbished.

Pay a little more and go for a phone with a complete box. This will ensure that the phone is not refurbished. In the future, if you want to sell this phone it will fetch a higher price than the kit, so a stitch in time saves nine.


You can check your phone status via different software. Some manufacturers have included this phone testing mechanism in their software, so they do not require any third-party software to do it.

For instance, SAMSUNG has this secret code *#0*# and a secret menu pops up and you can check all the sensors, display, and everything with it. Well, all manufacturers are not kind enough to give us such a facility to test our mobiles, so we can always go to third-party software for this kind of help.

Well, the one which we would recommend is none other than the ANTUTU benchmark. This software will put your phone under stress and not only it will tell you how your phone will perform under stress but it will also give you a list of all working sensors in it.

Another method is to connect the phone to a PC and download supporting software. For instance, Samsung has Smart Switch, Apple has iTunes, Huawei has Hisuit and almost every manufacturer has its own supporting software. Another thing you want to check is the identical IMEI number.

This is a unique 16-digit number, basically, it is the identity of your phone. You can check this number by dialing *#06#. Once you get this number you can check on the online database that this phone is not blacklisted or stolen. You can even check the manufacturing of the phone and its repair history through the IMEI number.


Phone registration is an important factor when purchasing a phone. Every country has its own policy regarding the tax that is imposed on the phone.

For instance, Pakistan has its own Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). You have to pay Tax to his authority to use carrier service on your phone. When you purchase a mobile phone abroad and bring it back to Pakistan, you have to pay this tax.

Your carrier will work for just 60 days and after that, you have to pay the tax. So make sure you purchase a phone whose tax has been paid already. This will ensure you make a good deal. You can check the phone by entering its IMEI number on this site.

Signal strength is another area in which phones struggle. For instance, you have a choice to purchase a carrier-branded phone like Verizon is an internationally unlocked variant. Always choose the Internationally unlocked phone.

It is because your carriers will work fine on this phone while you will see a significant signal drop in other phones. Your internet speed will also suffer from such a phone. This is the reason why Carrier branded phones are much cheaper than the internationally unlocked variants. So do not buy these phones.


When you have thoroughly checked the phone and you are now satisfied. Now you want to make money transactions. Before you do that always go for some paperwork.

This will ensure that you have purchased this phone through legal channels and if any problem arises within a specific time period you can always return the phone and get your money back.

This kind of legal documentation is available on the internet you can just take a print and both of the parties can sign this documentation on the legal terms. In Pakistan this form is available for purchasing phones, Click here to download the form now.

Online Markets And Safety Precautions

There are many stores available that offer online phone marketing such as eBay, Amazon, OLX, and many more. OLX is Pakistan’s largest online store for buying and selling mobile phones and their accessories.

You can post a free advertisement and sell your product while you can always buy a product from this store as well. You can directly contact the buyer and choose a safe location for business.

Always choose a public place for conducting business like a shopping mall etc. Recently they have launched a Safeplace for such transactions in Lahore and they plan to expand these places all over Pakistan.

Follow the steps above and you will strike a good deal moreover you would not be a victim of any scam.

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