Zain Internet Packages

Check outĀ Zain Internet Packages for customers in Saudi Arabia. The internet plans include MBB PostPaid, Prepaid, and Zain Fiber internet. If you like streaming movies, do check the Zain OSN monthly offer.

Zain Internet Packages PostPaid, Fiber, and PrePaid


ZainĀ PostPaid internet packages offer bundles starting from a 50 GB data cap to unlimited 5G. Moreover, users can enjoy 2 months of OSN streaming with every package. In addition to that, 5G unlimited includes free 12 Months of OSN streaming.

It must be noted that at the end of the free period, the OSN Streaming subscription will automatically renew at 34.5 SAR a month including VAT.

50 GBFree 2 Months OSN STREAMINGSAR 99

100 GBFree 2 Months OSN STREAMINGSAR 160
UnlimitedFree 2 Months OSN STREAMINGSAR 325
Unlimited 5G5G Support + Free 12 Months OSN STREAMING
SAR  349+
50 SAR(Setup Fees)


Zain Fiber provides Fiber the home service that provides high-speed fiber optics cables to each home separately. This promises high data speed with zero distortion.

ZAIN FIBER 80Download: 80 Mbps
Upload: 20 Mbps
SAR 287/Month
ZAIN FIBER 100Download: 100 Mbps
Upload: 25 Mbps
SAR 320.85/Month
ZAIN FIBER 200Download: 200 Mbps
Upload: 50 Mbps
+Free 12 Months OSN Streaming
SAR 401.35/Month
ZAIN FIBER 500Download: 500 Mbps
Upload: 125 Mbps
+Free 12 Months OSN Streaming
SAR 918.85/Month


Here is the list of Zain Prepaid Internet Plans for Saudi Arabia. These are recommended for visitors who want to enjoy Zain internet services for a selected period. To check the balance status, send an SMS with the code BC to 959.

10GB3 MonthsSAR 165
20GB1 monthSAR 113.85
5GB Unlimited1 Month401.35 SAR 
100 GB1 Month184 SAR
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