Zong Call Packages Monthly, Weekly, Daily & 3 Day

Zong Call packages for Prepaid and Postpaid users. The best is the unlimited monthly voice offer and the unlimited daily Zong calls package. Users can also find information regarding Zong off-net call packages.

The following are all the Zong Voice Calling Packages which include both on-net and off-net call packages along with Free SMS.

Zong Call Packages

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Zong Off-Net Call Packages

People who are interested in only Zong Off Net call packages can check out the table below. The Zong off-net call packages refer to the calls on

All Voice 1000Rs. 1000+Tax1,000 Mins for All Network / Month
All Voice 500Rs. 550+Tax500 Mins for All Network / Month


Batooni Flight Daily Bundle
(For Prepaid and Postpaid)
Rs. 10+Tax12 minutes/day
Batooni Flight Weekly Bundle
(For Prepaid Only)
Rs. 50+Tax60 minutes for 7 days
Batooni Flight 15 Days Bundle
(For Prepaid Only)
Rs. 100+Tax120 minutes for 15 days
Batooni Flight Monthly Bundle
(for Corporate Postpaid Customers only)
Rs. 1200+Tax1800 free minutes for 30 days
Batooni Flight Monthly Rs.200
(for Corporate Prepaid Customers only)
Rs. 200+Tax250 minutes for 30 days
Batooni Flight Monthly Rs.500
(For Prepaid and Postpaid)
Rs. 500+Tax600 minutes for 30 days
Batooni Flight Monthly Rs.600
(for Corporate Prepaid Customers only)
Rs. 600+Tax800 minutes for 30 days
Batooni Flight Monthly Rs.1000
(For Prepaid and Postpaid)
Rs. 1000+Tax1200 minutes for 30 days

Subscribe to ZONG Batooni Flight and enjoy the lowest international call rates to the following destinations:

Landline only: UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, Greece, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium & Malaysia
Landline & Mobile: USA, China, Canada, Singapore & Hong Kong

Zong also includes call packages in Zong Super Card bundles. These are All-on-bundles that come with monthly, weekly, or 15 days validity.

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Thanks for completely details. Great job, I need ( smart tv cable connection with internet and international calls) this connection as soon as possible please. Text/call me on 0314 798 5858

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