Zong Internet Packages

Zong Internet Packages come with daily, monthly, and weekly 4G internet offers. The Internet offers come under Zong prepaid packages and post packages.

The social package offers a free Zong WhatsApp package, free Facebook, Twitter, etc. The all-in-one bundle comes with a week, 15 days, and month validity.

Users get free minutes, SMS, and 4G internet in all-in-one bundle packages. Zong is also the first telecommunication company in Pakistan to test.

The organization offers 4G connectivity in all the major cities and towns of Pakistan.

Zong holds the title of the largest 4G coverage of any mobile network in Pakistan. High-speed Internet is also available on motorway routes(Islamabad-Lahore).

Zong Internet Prepaid Packages 2023

Zong Internet Packages


Monthly Social Bundle128GB internet
+250 Zong MIns & 25 Off-net Mins
Super Star Offer8 GB Internet + 500 Off-net Mins & 3000 Zong Mins & SMSRs.550Subscribe
Monthly Super Offer30 Gb Internet + 5000 Zong Minutes & 450 Off-net MinutesRs.1270Subscribe
Monthly Supreme Punjab22 GB Internet (Including 12 GB Youtube), 400 Off-net Minutes, 5000 Zong Minutes & SMSRs.1000Subscribe
Mahana Punjab OfferGet 4 GB( Including 1GB WhatsApp), 400 off-net Mins, 3000 Zong Mins & SMSRs.550Subscribe
Monthly Pro30 GB internet, 600 Other network minutes & unlimited Zong minutes & SMSRs. 1399Subscribe
Family Bundle30 GB Internet, 1000 off-net mins + Unlimited Zong mins & SMSRs.2900Subscribe
Zong Super Card6 GB Internet + 250 Off-net mins & Unlimtied Zong minsRs.675Subscribe
Monthly Supreme Offer20 GB Internet + 300 off-net mins & 5000 Zong minsRs.899Subscribe
Super Monthly Offer(Data) 5 GB InternetRs.290Subscribe
Super Monthly Plus20 GB InternetRs.550Subscribe
Super Monthly Max40 GB InternetRs.899Subscribe
Prepaid Sim Addons- 18 GBRs.750Subscribe
Prepaid Sim Addons-224 GBRs.1200Subscribe
Prepaid Sim Addons- 360 GBRs.2000Subscribe
Exclusive Offer150 GBRs.3500Subscribe
IMO Offer2.5 GBRs.59Subscribe

Zong Weekly Internet Package

Haftawar Load Offer10 GB, Unlimited Zong mins & 100 off-net minsRs.280Subscribe
Super Weekly Max30 GB (16GB + 14GB data for Youtube)RS.300Subscribe
Super Weekly Premium30 GB, 150 off-net mins & unlimited Zong minsRS.350Subscribe
Lahore Super Offer3 GB, 40 off-net mins & 1000 Zong minsRS.100Subscribe
All-in-1 Weekly (7 Days)3 GB, 60 off-net mins & 5000 Zong minsRS.200Subscribe
Malakand Offer2 GB, 100 off-net mins, 1000 Zong minsRS 150Subscribe
Haftawar Punjab offer2 GB, 100 off-net mins & 1000 Zong minsRs.150Subscribe
Super Weekly Offer3GB, 25 all-net minsRs.185Subscribe
Super Weekly Plus8 GB + 1 GB WhatsAppRs.240Subscribe

Daily – Zong One-Day Internet Packages

Following are the popular internet offers searched by Zong Customers. These are the Zong Daily internet packages that are activated for one day period.

Daily Basic
(till 12.00 am)
100MBRS 23Subscribe
Daily Data Max
(till 12.00 am)
1GB (500 for Youtube)RS 49Subscribe
Zong Day Time Offer ( Expires at 7 PM)1.5 GBRS 23Subscribe
Youth Offer2.5 GB(1am – 9am)RS 22.50Subscribe
Social Pack100 MBRs.10Subscribe
Daily Social Offer1.5 GBRs.23Subscribe

Zong Good Night Offer

The Zong Good Night offers 2.5 GB of 4G internet data for just 12 Pakistani Rupees.

Zong Good Night offer (Expires at 9 AM)2.5GBRS 12

Social Pack

Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter) (24 Days) 100MB Rs 10Subscribe
Classified Pack (Daraz, Lamudi, Kaymu, PakWheels & Carmudi) (24 Days) 50MB Rs 5Subscribe
Facebook Daily (24 Days) 50MB Rs 5Subscribe
Social Pack (WhatsApp) (24 Days) Unlimited Rs 25Subscribe

Zong PrePaid Internet MBB Packages

This includes Zong internet packages for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and more.

Prepaid MBB Monthly-1Rs. 2,00065GB, Validity 30 Days
Prepaid MBB Monthly-2 Rs. 2,500 160 GB (Inc. 80GB 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM), Validity 30 Days
Prepaid MBB Monthly-3 Rs. 3,150200 GB (Inc. 100GB 4:00 AM to 4:00 PM), Validity 30 Days
Prepaid MBB 3 Months (65GB / MONTH)Rs. 5,50065GB / Month for 3 Months
Prepaid MBB 6 Months (105GB / MONTH)Rs. 12,000105 GB (Inc. 30GB 4 am – 4 pm)/ Month for 6 Months
Prepaid MBB 12 Months (105GB / MONTH)Rs. 22,000105 GB (Inc. 30GB 4 am – 4 pm)/ Month for 12 Months
MBB Addon GNO (1GB/Day)Rs. 2201GB/Day from 1 am-9 am, Validity as per base bundle
Prepaid Mobile Broadband ADD-ON 5GBRs. 4405GB, Validity as per base bundle
  • All of the above-discussed data packages are only for the prepaid users of Zong.
  • If you want to check the remaining volume of data, just dial *102# and select 4 from the options.
  • If you have consumed the entire internet bucket, you will be charged 4 Rs/MB.
  • You are not authorized to subscribe to two data packages at the same time. To subscribe to another data package, you need to unsubscribe from the first one.
  • The data buckets given above do not include tax.


Basic Add-on 10 Rs 30MB 10MB
Premium Add-on 20 Rs 80MB 10MB

Zong Postpaid Packages for 4G Internet

Zong Post Paid internet packages to have monthly validity with starting costs as low as 50 Pakistani Rupees. Select any Zong PostPaid internet package from the list below and dial *567# to activate it.

Packages & DataDetailPrice
Z250046,080 MB Data with 1200 Off-net Minutes, Unlimited FREE On-net Minutes, and 5,000 SMSRs.2500
Z120020,480 MB Data with 800 Off-net Minutes, Unlimited FREE On-net Minutes, and 4,000 SMSRs.1200
Z80010,240 MB Data with 500 Off-net Minutes, Unlimited FREE On-net Minutes, and 2,000 SMS  Rs.800
Z5004,096 MB Data with 300 Off-net Minutes, 1,500 FREE On-net Minutes, and 1,000 SMSRs.500

How to Activate Zong Internet Packages?

The Zong internet packages can be activated by dialing *6464#. This will open a menu from which you can select internet promotions or internet bundles.

Is WhatsApp Free on Zong?

WhatsApp is not fully free on Zong. There is a monthly very cheap Zong WhatsApp package. It cost Rs 38+tax and gives you 4GB of data with 30 days validity.

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    1. Facebook Live consumes moderate data. Therefore Zong weekly or monthly internet packages will do the job well.

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