Zong Super Card Packages

Zong Super Card RS 650 (old 500) details are available. Zong customers can get free minutes, internet and SMS with a recharge of 650 Pakistani rupees. Basically, the purpose of the super card is to provide easy activation of all-in-one bundles. You can also activate all-in-one bundles with credit load also. Example: All-in-one weekly bundle can be activated with a load of only 200 Pakistani Rupees.

Zong Super Card Recharge 650 (old 500)

Here is the detail of Zong Super Card 650 (old 500)

Recharge RequiredRs 650
Zong to Zong Minutes2,500
Other Operator Minutes150
Mobile Internet (MBs)2,500
Whatsapp2 GB data
Validity30 Days

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How to Unsubscribe Zong RS 500 Super Card Package

  • Dial * 6464#, reply with 4 for All-in-One Bundles, reply with the desired bundle to un-subscribe and reply with 3 to un-subscribe
  • You will then receive an SMS for confirmation of un-subscription
  • Also, you can send SMS to 6464 using the following commands

Zong Supreme and Supreme Plus

Zong has an all-in-one offer just like a super card. The Supreme offer and Supreme Plus have 30 days validity and costs RS 1000 and RS 1,732 respectively.

Supreme Plus (New)Supreme Offer Plus (New)
Subscription Method *1500#
Recharge Required Rs 1,732Rs 1000
Zong to Zong Minutes 10,0005,000
Other Operator Minutes 600300
SMS 10,0005,000
Mobile Internet (MBs) 10,0005,000
YouTube2 GB
Validity 30 Days30 Days
Activation Procedure *1500#*3030#

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  1. If the monthly package again comes to 500.. Then all customer will again activate this offer in their numbers.. We have 11 zong numbers in my house.. Accept I, no one activate the offer due to over cost.. Kindly again bring this monthly pakage from 650 to 500.

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